Chemical Peels

Hit the refresh button on your skin and reveal a brighter, smoother, younger-looking appearance with professional chemical peels in Tewksbury. Chemical peels exfoliate the outermost layer of dead skin cells, stimulating your skin’s natural healing response and spurring the growth of a fresh, vibrant new layer of skin.

Chemical Peels in Tewksbury, MA

Chemical peels are ideal for all skin types, even darker tones, and can help to improve a wide range of common complexion concerns, including:
● Melasma

● Dark spots, age spots, sunspots, freckles

● Rough texture

● Acne or congested pores

● Large pore size

● Uneven tone

● Dullness

● Lines and wrinkles

FAQ: Chemical Peels in Tewksbury, MA at Solace Wellness Center & MedSpa

What’s in a chemical peel?

Because results are everything, we created our own Solace Formulated Chemical Peel which features a proprietary combination of lactic, glycolic and mandelic acids to remove the damaged outer layers of your skin.

Do you offer different levels of intensity with your chemical peels?

During your personal consultation, we will recommend the best peel combination and depth based on your unique skin concerns and goals.

What happens during a chemical peel?

We will apply the special solution onto your skin, which gently works to remove dead, damaged skin cells. This simple process takes about thirty minutes from start to finish. You will leave our office looking red, as if you had a sunburn. This redness will vary depending on the intensity of your peel and will quickly fade as your new, regenerated skin grows in, leaving you with smoother, less wrinkled and brighter skin.

What are the benefits of the Solace Formulated Chemical Peel?

We specially formulated our chemical peel to not only reduce the appearance of fine lines, but also improve skin discoloration, brighten a dull complexion, fade melasma, dark spots and freckles, remove sun-damaged skin and heal some types of acne.

What about chemical peel downtime and side effects?

Your side effects and social downtime will depend on the intensity of your peel. The majority of peels at Solace result in mild redness and little to no downtime.

How can I get started with chemical peels in Tewksbury, MA at Solace Wellness Center & MedSpa?

We can’t wait to help you love the skin you’re in! Call us today at 978-851-8600 or complete the CONTACT US form today!

First-time guest?

Enjoy our Solace Experience, a 80 minute personalized service starting with a complimentary consultation and skin analysis utilizing our computerized VISIA Skin Complexion Analysis system followed by a visit to our Far Infrared Sauna for deep heat therapy and detox and finished with a Signature Solace Facial customized to your skin type. You will also enjoy the use of our locker facilities and our relaxation area.


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