April 27, 2023
Shaving and waxing are a hassle for plenty of people, as these hair removal methods are painful, time-consuming, and can produce skin rashes. As such, people who struggle with unwanted body hair often consider laser hair removal sessions.

If you’re one of many individuals looking for long-term hair removal solutions, read on to learn about how laser hair removal works.

The Procedure

Laser hair removal sessions are done using lights that are absorbed by pigments in hair strands. This light is converted into heat, which then damages the follicles that are responsible for hair growth. Sometimes laser hair removal requires several sessions to produce the desired results, but after a time, the damage done to the hair follicles will inhibit future hair growth.

This procedure provides long-term results, keeping skin smooth and hairless for years. However, laser hair removal isn’t always permanent. After the initial sessions are done and the treated area stops producing hair, maintenance sessions might be needed on occasion.

This treatment can be applied to all skin and hair types, but it usually produces the most dramatic results on patients with dark hair and light skin tones.


Most of the time, laser hair removal doesn’t produce long-lasting side effects, but for up to a day following the procedure, patients may notice moderate swelling or redness around the area that was treated.

A patient’s skin might be sensitive following laser hair removal, and most aestheticians will recommend avoiding direct sunlight or tanning beds for six weeks following the procedure. It’s additionally recommended that patients who have undergone laser hair removal wear sunscreen when spending time outside. Avoiding unnecessary sun exposure can help prevent changes in skin pigmentation from occurring as a result of having the procedure done.

Laser hair removal is non-invasive and while the procedure causes some discomfort, most patients who have it done find it far less painful than waxing. Professional aestheticians conduct laser hair removal sessions as carefully as possible to limit a patient’s discomfort as much as possible.

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