Have you been ready for your next injectables session for a while now? We know it isn’t exactly fun to watch the results of your last session begin to fade without knowing when you’ll be able to go back for your next. That’s why, now that we and other businesses are starting to open again, you can understand the sudden influx of Botox® and filler appointments being made. If you’re ready for a complexion refresh or know you will be soon, we encourage you not to hesitate in calling to make an appointment. We’re filling up appointment slots fast!

lip fillers before and after image

lip fillers before and after image

Whether you’re about to head to your next injectables session or you just got it done, here are a few tips we want to share with you so you can enjoy the best possible experience and results from your injectables.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is always a good idea, and that holds true for injectables treatments as well. You can plan ahead by avoiding blood thinners such as NSAIDS, garlic, ginger, ginkgo and green tea for the two weeks before your appointment — to minimize the chances of bruising or swelling — and also planning for a few days to a week of social downtime after your session. Injectables do require little to no downtime, which is part of what makes them so great, but everyone heals differently after their appointment. It’s common for some patients to have swelling at their injection areas for a few days to a week after treatment. It also takes about a week for your injectables to fully settle into your contours, revealing your true results.

Stay cool

By gently applying ice or a cold pack to your treatment area for a few hours or a day before your session and for the next few days after, you are helping to shrink your blood vessels and minimize blood flow in that area. This can help reduce the chances of bruising and minimize swelling during or after your injectables session.

Avoid yoga poses that put your head upside-down

For the next few days to one week after your injectables treatment, we advise that you avoid any yoga poses or other exercises that could put your head in an upside-down position. This is because your injectables are still settling into your contours. Also, vigorous exercise or certain yoga poses may boost blood flow to your treatment areas, which can exacerbate any side effects like swelling.

With these tips, we hope you’ll be looking forward to your next injectables session soon. Just remember to call us to schedule your appointment ASAP before we fill up! It’s our job and our passion to ensure that you love your results. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 978-851-8600 or request a consultation online.

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