Have you been noticing new or bothersome facial lines and wrinkles when you look in the mirror? You’re in good company — 2020 aged us all! Joking aside, if you’re interested in refreshing your look with minimal to no downtime, it’s the ideal time to consider injectable treatments. For February, we’re offering a month-long special on both Xeomin® and dermal fillers in Tewksbury:
● $12/unit Xeomin®
● 10% off one 1.2 mL dermal filler
● 15% off two 1.2 mL dermal filler
● 20% off three 1.2 mL dermal filler

Here’s the scoop on some of your most frequently asked questions about injectables, plus expert tips for getting the most out of your treatment:

Q: Which injectables do you offer at Solace?

A: We’re proud to offer Xeomin, a neurotoxin similar to Botox®, and Revanesse® dermal fillers.

Q: What’s the difference between Xeomin and Botox?

A: We’re proud to administer Xeomin because it provides the same age-defying benefits as Botox, except that Xeomin is highly purified. It’s made through a unique precision manufacturing process that removes proteins you don’t need. Because Xeomin contains no additives, there may be less risk of developing antibodies, which could prevent a neurotoxin with additives, such as Botox, from having the desired effects.

Q: What’s the difference between Revanesse and Juvéderm®?

A: Both Revanesse and Juvéderm are made up of spherical particles of hyaluronic acid (HA), a moisture magnet that occurs naturally in the body and decreases as we age. Revanesse uses notably smaller HA particles than Juvéderm. By using smaller particles, Revanesse is ideal for more subtle and more customizable results. These smaller particles may also result in less swelling after treatment, compared to competitors like Juvéderm. Additionally, Revanesse’s HA particles were developed to break down slowly over time, leading to longer-lasting results.

Q: How does Xeomin work?

A: Neurotoxins such as Xeomin and Botox work their magic by blocking the nerves that contract the muscles underlying your face. Once the treated muscles are relaxed and movement is decreased, the skin above those muscles is able to visibly and effectively smooth out, reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, between the brows and on the forehead.

Q: Will Xeomin make my face look frozen?

A: Absolutely not! We know the running joke about neurotoxins is that they keep you from being able to naturally move your face or make facial expressions. That is not the case, especially when you use FDA-approved products, such as Xeomin or Botox, and your treatments are administered by highly trained professionals. After your Xeomin session at Solace Wellness Center & MedSpa, you can enjoy a complexion that is smoother and more youthful looking, but never frozen.

Q: How do dermal fillers work?

A: Dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid to attract the water moisture our skin loses as it ages, hydrating the skin to restore plumpness and firmness while also stimulating the growth of healthy, new collagen. The additional volume and hydration from dermal fillers helps to restore a youthful fullness to your face.

Q:Will dermal fillers make you look overdone?

A: One of the things we love most about dermal fillers is that they really give you control over your own results. Whether you’re looking for more noticeable or more subtle enhancements, our skilled injectors will work closely with you to determine your ideal filler placement and treatment regimen to ensure you reach your unique aesthetic goals and enjoy flattering, natural-looking improvements.

Now that you’re in the know about the injectables we offer at Solace Wellness Center & MedSpa, all that’s left is for you to call us at (978) 851-8600 or schedule a consultation online today!

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