It’s been a challenging time for everyone recently, but do you know what keeps us going here at Solace Wellness Center & MedSpa? You do! Your wellness, self-care and happiness are the reasons we continue to do what we do. It’s truly our passion to help you love the way you look and feel every day, and our expert team will always be here for you. Most importantly, there’s someone else who has always been there for you — your mom! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so we’ve put together a few simple gift ideas that are all inspired by our gratitude for you!

A gratitude journal

Get Mom a thoughtfully-chosen journal and give her the gift of positive thinking, stress relief and the myriad of other benefits of being grateful each day! Especially in difficult times like these, but even throughout life, taking the opportunity each day to stop and recognize the things that you’re grateful for can do wonders for your mood and your perspective! Research indicates that feeling grateful can actually lower stress and conserve energy, making your body better able to fend off illness. Not only that, but the power of positive thinking is actually associated with a lower risk of disease and increased happiness. It’s easy to get lost in the small details and problems of daily life, but that’s what makes keeping a gratitude journal all the more valuable.

Gift cards

Gift cards have become an important way to support local business, but we also think they make perfect gifts for the special people in your life. This Mother’s Day, you can give Mom the gift of self-care and convenience with a gift card to Solace Wellness Center & MedSpa. With a gift card, Mom gets to call the shots, choosing which treatment she wants and exactly when she wants it to suit her schedule.

A Thank You letter – from you!

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Writing Mom is a terrific way to surprise the socks off her, but it’s also guaranteed to make her day unforgettable. A gift straight from your heart is the best kind of gift for the woman who has given you all of hers. And you know what else? There is nothing more unique or more thoughtful!

On behalf of all of us here at Solace we want to wish all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day! To buy a gift card or learn more about our services, find us at and message us with our Contact Us page and we will be sure to get back to you. We could even schedule an online consultation. We hope to see you soon!

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