Choosing the best injectable for your goals is an important decision – after all, it’s your face! We understand that it’s not always easy to learn about all your options when it comes to injectables. We believe our clients deserve to be fully informed about the aesthetic choices they make, which is why we’re happy to discuss the differences between Botox® and Xeomin®! After all, we provide Xeomin instead of the more-well-known Botox, and we want you to know what the differences are and what you can expect with Xeomin treatments.

You may already know that Botox is a neurotoxin made from botulinum toxin A that, when injected into targeted areas, blocks nerve activity in the muscles, causing a temporary relaxation of the muscles underlying your wrinkles. This causes the wrinkles to be diminished and many times eliminated for several months.

Additive-Free Xeomin

Xeomin works in much the same way, as it also contains botulinum toxin A . A key difference with Xeomin, and the main reason Dr. Wu chooses to provide this instead of Botox, is that Xeomin contains no additives — just botulinum toxin type A. Having no additives may mean there’s little to no risk of an immune response, which can occur with other neurotoxins like Botox because the body develops antibodies in response to a foreign “invader” and attacks. These antibodies can potentially prevent a neurotoxin from having the desired anti-aging effects. With Xeomin, this bodily reaction is less likely to occur!

Botox and Xeomin are FDA-approved to treat moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles. The difference between the two is that with Xeomin, all that’s being injected into your body is exactly what is needed to deliver those smoother, younger-looking results, and nothing more.

When you come to our office for Xeomin treatment, the whole process is performed very efficiently. You can expect to see results within the first two to three days, with full results two weeks later. You won’t have to worry about always appearing tired, angry or worried anymore. Xeomin treatments can improve those bothersome wrinkles that may make people ask “are you feeling alright?” and instead reveal your more youthful, rejuvenated look.

Learn more about Xeomin and get started today by reaching out to us at 978-851-8600 or requesting a consultation online.

The XEOMIN Difference
Xeomin®: What is it and How Xeomin® Compares to BOTOX®

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